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FORTY YEARS AFTER THERAPY:ONE MANíS STORY†† © 2002†††† $15.95 plus S & H

Mr. Helliesen traces his stuttering from its origin when he was a toddler through his college and working years and on into retirement. As a young adult, his search for help took him to Western Michigan University where, under the expert guidance of a world renowned clinician in stuttering therapy, Dr. Charles Van Riper, he learned how to harness and control his impediment. This is his story of triumphs and tribulations in communicating over the last forty years.






†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† AND ADULT STUTTERER†† © 2006†† $19.95 plus S & H

This is a book of speech therapy for the older confirmed severe stutterer.The problem of stuttering and how it develops is briefly discussed. A stuttering therapy outline which includes initial sessions and trial therapy is presented along with a detailed explanation of control techniques, stabilization, and therapy for relapses.Exercises are included for the therapist as well as objectives and activities for the stutterer.The format is Van Riperian therapy.







Mr. Helliesen is a speech pathologist by profession.He has stuttered for over sixty years.Out of desperation, as a young man, he sought help for his severe speech disability.His search for help took him to Western Michigan University.There, under the expert guidance of world-renowned clinician in stuttering therapy, Dr. Charles Van Riper, he learned to control his impediment and become a productive member of society.He has taught speech pathology at several universities, developed a major in Communicative Disorders and directed the first speech and hearing clinic at a university.He has also served as both a local and regional director of special education in programs for various public school divisions, and as a public school speech pathologist.Before his retirement in 1998, he was licensed by the Commonwealth of Virginia as a speech-language pathologist in the public schools and as a supervisor of special education.He was also licensed as a private speech-language pathologist.Mr. Helliesen believes in the stuttering therapy practices developed by Dr. Van Riper. This therapy can free a severe stutterer from his disability, allowing him to achieve a good degree of fluency and a meaningful and productive life.


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